When you join "The Spot Player" you get 25+ years of handicapping experience backed by solid informative selections you can play with confidence every play on all major sports! I back my service with integrity and honesty, but most of all consistent long term winning! No hype! No catch! Sports investing is not a quick get rich plan, but with my experience that will guide you in the right direction I will grant you a steady source of income for as long as you use my service


I rate all of my plays 1 unit/2 unit with my max 3 unit no GOY's...no LOCKS...no crazy titles...no parlays...just straight up 1 or 2 unit releases that will bring you a high % of winners over the long haul. Set your unit amount  which many suggest 2-3% of your bank roll and stay with that amount per flat bet. Wagering sports almost daily in an entire year there will be peaks and lows. People normally get anxious during the low points and change their unit amount. The low points will happen, but with my strong systematic systems I have created and back tested for many years + information I receive the "peaks" and "highs" severely out weigh the "lows" which ultimately produces a high win % over the long haul which in return can give you a very steady source of income if you follow me day in and day out. All of my releases I wager myself, so I'm right there with my clients! I have a strong passion for the sports gaming industry and to me consistent winning is everything!! I spend endless hours analyzing and studying all match ups, so when joining me you can be assure you will be getting the absolute BEST and STRONGEST selections on the board! You will see my service stands above the rest! My integrity for this business goes above and beyond and I want my clients to WIN! If you're serious about a long term business relation with me send me a message and I'll be happy to answer any questions. 




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